Unlimited Limited
 Designs by Petei
The Line
Note: Circles, ovals & hearts fit "Brinkley" boxes.
C-1 Flowered Cat on ecru 20¼
C-2 Teddy Bear on ecru  20¼
C-3 Angel in Blue with a Star  20¼
C-4 Pink Primrose  20
C-5 Nouveau Columbine  20
C-6 Poinsettia  20¼
C-7 Panda  20¼
C-8 Mallard Duck on ecru   9
C-9 Mallard Duck with Plaid in circle on ecru  20¼
C-10 Mallard Duck with Cattails on ecru 30¼
C-11 Deer with Plaid in circle on ecru 20¼
C-12 Deer with Pine Trees in circle on ecru  30¼
C-13 Baby Bear on ecru   9
C-14 Flowers & Plaid in oval on blue 20
C-15 Hearts & Flowers in circle on blue  20¼
C-16 Bluebonnets on blue  20¼
C-17 Snowflake in Gold on ecru  20¼
C-18 Snowflakes in Gold  30¼
C-19 Pink Rose on ecru  20
C-20 Peach Rose  20¼
C-21 Yellow Rose  20¼
C-22 Bear & Bees in circle on ecru 30¼
C-23 Mouse    9
C-24 White Cat  20¼
C-25 Ribbon Border (specify Blue, Green, or Pink)  20¼
C-26-H Rabbit with Ribbons (Horizontal) 20
C-26-V Rabbit with Ribbons (Vertical) 20
C-27 Rabbit in Gold   9
C-28 Strawberry    9
C-29 Three Strawberries  20
C-30 Cross in Gold in circle  20¼
C-31 Columbine  20¼
C-32 Scottie (Westie by request) 20¼
C-33 Pineapple on ecru  20¼
C-34 Yellow Cat  20¼
C-35 Tulips & Hearts  30¼
C-36 Bluebonnets  30¼
C-37 Violets  20
C-38-O Holly (Oval)   9
C-38-R Holly (Round)   9
C-39 Pansies  20¼
C-40 Clover  20¼
C-41 Poppies  20¼
C-42 Rosebud in Pink   9
C-43 Daisy    9
C-44 Ribbon Sampler in circle  20¼
C-45 Ribbon Sampler in oval  20
C-46 Violet    9
C-47 Wood Duck on ecru   9
C-48 Teal on ecru    9
C-49 Loon on ecru  20¼
C-50 Nosegay    9
C-51 Stockings (companion for #370 Fireplace) 20
C-52 Heart Ribbon in heart on blue 20¼
C-53 Pink Carnations in heart  20¼
C-54 Thistle in circle  20¼
C-55 Tulips in heart  20¼
C-56 Four Leaf Clover  20¼
C-57 Friendship & Loyalty (Irish Symbol)   20
C-58 Bow (specify color)   9
C-59 Cabbage Rose    9
C-60 Columbine  30¼
C-61 Ruby Throat Hummingbird  20¼

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